Musical Interpretation of Anxiety, Depression, and Mood Disorder

As I’ve indicated before on this blog, I write instrumental music as part of ongoing personal therapy, and for the simple joy of it, too…it’s usually not a chore, but it can stir up strong and not-aways-pleasant emotions. Ultimately, writing music is cathartic for me, even if the process is sometimes painful. When I wrote

Anxiety Continues to Rear its Dreadful Head

“Dread” is quite an appropriate word with it comes to anxiety, at least for me. Usually, every day around 9:00 AM, a pit of cold dread forms in my stomach. It’s the same feeling I’d get before teaching a class of middle-schoolers. Since I no longer do that (the story of that year will have


Thanks for all the prayers, good thoughts, and vibes, folks…I’ll be heading back to the classroom this fall. And in middle school, no less. It will be different, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve taught 9th grade high school, at the technical college and four-year college level, and now I’m takin’ my skills to